Sunday, April 26, 2009

New home - garden ideas

Our new home has some garden around it, a lot of it is weedy so there is a lot of work to do! I have an idea of what I want to do with it though. It has a lovely Japanese Maple at the front which we can see from our bedroom window. It is quite dark under the tree so my friend Fionna (who is a gardener) suggested planting white Japanese wind flowers underneath. There are also rock steps leading up to the road beside which I am going to plant some native violets. I can't do too much gardening while Ethan is awake, because he marches towards the road to explore the world at every opportunity!

Current plants - keeping
Japanese Maple (outside our bedroom window - I love it!)
Orchids in rockery
Citrus (not sure what it is)
Eucalypts (if not a danger to home)

New plants - to add to garden
Birds nest ferns, other native ferns, cycads (all outside bedroom window)

Photo by Toby2tots on flickr

native violets (up the garden steps under trees)
Japanese wind flowers (under japanese maple)

Photo by Ninoxowl on flickr

Edible plants
various herbs, citrus trees, lemongrass.

Front of home
Native plants where there is more sun - grevillea, bottlebrush, native wonga wonga vine (on trellis).

Photo by Toby2tots on flickr

Back of house - screen to replace bamboo
lilly pilly or shee oaks?

To remove - weeds in this area
Broad and small leaf privets, Camphorloral tree?, wandering dew, jasmine vines smothering other plants, bamboo (I love it, but its taking over).

Sculptural forms
rocks for interest, seating stones, japanese lantern (concrete cheaper)


Rebecca said...

oh wow, what a list! Some beautiful plants. I am obsessed with grevilleas at the moment. We have so many beautiful natives in Australia and it's so good that they attract birds to gardens! It will be fun to have a garden in a different climate to Perth - enjoy!!

coloredsock said...

anna, i LOVE these flowers you're going to plant!!! there was a HUGE bottle brush tree in the ashram in india we stayed at. i wish we could grow all of these in our garden, but living at such high mtn climate doesn't agree. i hope you and your little one are doing well! i need to wander your's been awhile since i've had time! thanks for your message, too. i am loving every moment with this little soul...