Monday, March 30, 2009

winter wardrobe (in my dreams)

Who needs Polyvore when you have photoshop?! Swing jacket and cheeky check dress by French Connection. Stainless steel "Toile" Earrings by Polli and birdy 100% hemp clutch purse by Quyen. Add to that some patterned stockings and the boots from Kumfs I'm lusting after and I'm in heaven. Sometimes it's just as nice to dream up these outfits.

Ok, maybe I did follow punk and ska music in my yoof!! I probably should be lusting after some Doc Martins.


flossy-p said...

I am SO with you with that wardrobe! So very very much!

Rebecca said...

Ha! I still have my cherry-red 8-hole docs and will treasure them always. A lovely ensemble you've created - I love the earrings and the clutch too!

lino creative said...

I LOVE docs, Ive been on the lookout for some white ones. Love Polli too :) nice selection Anna.