Monday, November 08, 2010

Paper for Art swap with Dawbis

Photo by Dawbis.

I have been following the artwork of Dawn for years now and have been pestering her to let me do a paper for art swap. Once she agreed I started saving some papers I thought she might like. One design I had bought in Florence, Italy. Another at a gift store in the Hunter Valley. Some are from my favourite art supply stores, others are origami papers from a Japanese gift store in the city.

Photo by Dawbis.


Dawn said...

Hi Anna,
I just stopped by and saw your post... I love the framing! & I like how you mentioned where the papers came from. that is my favorite thing about gathering paper from others - knowing where they got them and whether or not they have a story behind them :) Thank so much for trading with me and allowing me to make you some art. Hugs!

Anna Lloyd said...

I'm glad you love the framing and I think it's a fun thing you do with your paper for art swap!

Astrid said...

What a great pile of papers! And a lovely little artwork.