Friday, August 22, 2008


Some photos because I'm missing Perth. I love this area in our old stomping grounds of North Perth, Mount Hawthorn and Leederville.

Milkd cafe was cozy and in walking distance from home.

On my walks I loved to look at the colourful glass vases in this antique shop window.

I bought some of my favourite clothes in this fun shop in Oxford Street, Leederville. It has a CD shop at the front and fashion and gifts in the back. Karen Cheng has a blog post about this area and it's shopping if you are interested.

I love the window designs on this office for Little Design Horse.

I always loved to see this old stone house on Angove Street and thought it deserved a prettier garden.

The junk house has some charm to it.

This treehouse would have been heaven to me as a child! The garden was littered with toys, rope swings and palm fronds, I could imagine children playing pirates here.

This old Auto Electronics place was around the corner from our home. The faded old car was a permanent fixture as was the old man that runs the place.


Rebecca said...

Hi Anna, I loved this post. One of my sisters is just back from Melbourne and it sounds so wonderful over there (haven't got there myself yet!) but it's lovely to be reminded of the lovely things in Perth too! Hope everything's going well for you - bet you're looking forward to seeing your sister too! How exciting!! There's a great button shop in The Rocks that I visited when I was there - would have loved to bring the whole shop back home!! Rebecca :D

feli said...

I think, if I am not mistaken, my friend use to live across the street from the "junk house" I am still amazed that the TV is not being carried off. :*)

Thank you for sharing pictures of your neighbourhood. Maybe I will share mine one day. Just that I do not live near cafes and cool shops.

Hope you are doing well.

Little Design Horse said...

Hello from Little Design Horse! Thank you for putting our window on your blog. We've added quite a few more graphics now as we are just about to open our shop at the front of the studio. When you are in Perth pop in to say hello! Jane