Wednesday, August 06, 2008

In limbo

Well we made it to Sydney in one piece and we are camping at my Mum 's place until our apartment is available to move in. I can't wait! I miss my things and I miss, well... being sort of organised! Steve wrapped up all the last bits and pieces back in Perth and is getting accustomed to his new workplace here in Sydney.

I have so far caught up with most of my family and my mates Jen, Fi, Kathryn and Anne. Fionna's little 3 month old boy, William is adorable! Jen and I caught up for brunch in Newtown last Saturday. It was great to spend time with Jen and I hope to catch up with her often. We visited a fun new button shop and some of my old favourite stores in Newtown.

Next week my sister Frances arrives back from a year and a half abroad. I can't wait to see her and fiance Kristian, and for her to finally meet her nephew Ethan.


colllapse said...

And I can't wait to see yoooou!! I am so excited about coming home and (slowly but surely) making a permanent life there again. I also miss being (semi) organised. I hope my jetlag is minimal so I can help you guys move and stuff. xo.

Rebecca said...

Hi Anna, Perth misses you already! Wishing you all the best for your Sydney adventures, Rebecca

Odd Girl Out said...

Hi Anna
Glad your move over went well, good luck settling back in!