Thursday, September 22, 2011

Spring in the garden

Hurrah for spring, life is good right now. I am enjoying my work immensely, my kids are a beautiful age (one and almost 4) so very cute and playing well together (most of the time). The washing can go outside every day and dries in the sun. It makes such a difference doesn't it?

An experiment, growing carrots in old clay pipes.

My first strawberry for the season. I got to eat it this time, last year the possums and birds ate them all. To my utter dismay "the Cat" takes after his Dad and refuses to eat fruit.

Philotheca flowers in a vinegar bottle.

The little antique pecks fish paste bottle we found in the backyard now holds lavender on the kitchen windowsill.


Katrina Jackson said...

You'll have to let me know how the carrot growing goes. Also, I saw a photo of strawberry plants being grown in cinder blocks...I'm interested! I only got to eat 3 of my strawberries this year because of the birds. Gardening is a hard road for me, but I'm learning to enjoy it.

Astrid said...

Love the clay pipes for carrot growing! We had a crop of carrots this year, and loved how twisty and unique each one was! Hope you have great gardening success :)

Amy Prior said...

sounds so lovely :)