Thursday, August 13, 2009

Give me colour...

You know when your life just doesn't feel quite right? Like you aren't making the right choices or priorities? I feel like that right now.

I'm finally losing the post baby weight and feeling more comfortable with my body size (which I'm over the moon about) but it's at the gym - and I don't really like being there. I'm not sure I need machines, televisions and pump classes. I really really miss my lovely old Yoga centre in Perth. I'll have to find somewhere new to go where I feel peaceful.

Plus I so need to tick off some chores like doing the tax (it's a big one this year) and all the paperwork housekeeping stuff which is cluttering my brain right now. So I can move on to expressing myself on paper. I've got some artwork busting to get out!!

I also need more colour in my life. I've been choosing paint colours in boring creams and tans for our house because I wanted a "blank canvas" to put artwork up on, but now I'm thinking... that's wrong. We need more colour!!


Little Design Horse said...

hmmm this sounds familiar! I find trying to juggle art, life and business all with baby hanging off your arm (as well as keeping fit!) really tricky. Don't be too hard on yourself - I don't think there is ever a perfect answer to getting the right balance so it's not worth stressing over! Jane

Alisa said...

Oh Anna there is definitely something in the air at the moment. Seems like everyone I know is feeling an overwhelming desire to spruce up their environment, and their life. It's like an early spring cleaning frenzy.
Colour sounds good. I come from the blank canvas camp too, but now I lust after colour.