Monday, June 15, 2009

Fabric love

Image by Umbrella Prints

I'm one of those people that gets very excited by fabric and textures! Hell, I worked in interior decorating for the last 8 years. Including doing displays for a bedlinen and homewares store. I got really bored and astonished by all the mass production, so I really love that people are creating their own designs. Apart from buying some IKEA furniture and homewares, Steve and I generally try to buy locally made products if we can. So I recently bought some yummy fabric from Umbrella Prints to make some cushions to dress up our new home. Now I just need to set up the sewing machine somewhere and get to work! I would also love to get some fabric from some of my other favourite Australian fabric designers Lara Cameron (Ink and Spindle) and Danielle Smeets (Of paper and thread).

Image by Umbrella Prints


flossy-p said...

I've never heard for Umbrella Prints before now. Thanks for sharing, it's really beautiful. Good luck making those cushions, it's hard finding the time, but SO worth it!

Rebecca said...

I love all the new fabrics people are doing - such clever creative people out there! I've always loved screenprints too so it's fabulous to see what people are doing - especially on textured natural fabrics. Ahhh, I could spend days looking at fabrics :D

Anonymous said...

I've just made some new fabric greeting cards using this fabric print from Umbrella Prints & Of Paper & Thread fabric !

I was in the middle of uploading some of them in my Etsy shop at when I discovered your post via Of Paper & Thread (I really should stop browsing blogs & get on with the job!)

Alongside a number of other larger designer fabrics (including Ikea), I try to use locally designed fabrics .. Ink & Spindle is next on my list !

So glad to see other people supporting the smaller boutique designers .. they're so talented !

Katherine x
The Savannah Room