Monday, February 23, 2009

Finding a home

I'm very excited because we found a new house to live in! Yay! When Steve and I saw it, we decided it was definitely something we could see as our family home (at least on the inside). It has a great layout for the living areas and open style kitchen with island bench (we like the kitchen to be the centre of family life), room for a studio, and a water tank in the garden.

Back of the house and patio

It is on a small parcel of land and doesn't have much room for the vegie patch we wanted, so we'll have to get creative with the garden space. And it doesn't have a workshop, which Steve would really love (he is always fixing and making things) so we'll try to get permission to put one in. It also doesn't have a bath in the main bathroom and Ethan just loves baths. His first word (apart from Dad and Mum) was "Bath!" So I'm going to look at getting the bathroom modified.

Dining and family room

I'm itching to paint most rooms in the house straight away. We like a more modern style and I'm thinking of doing a bit of an Australian native theme using fabrics by Lara Cameron or Cloth for cushions and a bit of an Japanese minimalism and Art Nouveau (my favourite decorating styles) thrown in! But I think I'm going to have to suck it in and wait a while before we paint. For the moment I'm checking out Design Sponge for some decorating inspiration!

Photos from the real estate website - Photographer Unknown


flossy-p said...

Oh My God! It's gorgeous!!!!!! Congratulations!

I'm glad the bath shed and veggie garden can all be added somehow, I'm sure you'll work it out. And I'm sure once you get in there and get a feel for the place your decorating will all fall into place. HOW EXCITING!!!!

p.s. thanks for your thoughts about the floods. We were fine where we are, loads of rain, and a HUGE storm on the weekend, but we avoided the flooding somehow :)

Odd Girl Out said...

Hi Anna - new house looks great! So light and airy. I'm sure you will make it more 'you' when you get a chance to decorate, but it has great 'bones'. Well done.