Thursday, January 01, 2009

Seven things about me

I've been tagged by Kate to write seven interesting things about myself...

1. Background... I am a mixture of lots of different nationalities who migrated to Australia. I am of Irish, Italian, English, Scottish and Swiss background. Because I am very fair, people are often surprised to hear that my grandfather was Italian. His family is from a little village just north of Padova in Venezia. When I was visiting the area, I had quite a few locals approaching me and speaking to me in Italian. I wish I could speak the language well.

2. Sisters... I started out in life with one sister 3 years my junior, then I gained a step-sister, then I got married to Steve and gained two sister's in law. They are all amazing and I am a better person for having them in my life. I wish I could spend more of my time with all four of them.

3. Collage and journals... I love to make collages! I collect pretty pictures of girls from magazines and print out some of my photos (of flowers, insects and birds) that I have photographed. The photos I post in this journal are often some of my inspiration photos. Then I create little dreamworlds in my journals. I hope to use these images to inspire me for an exhibition in the next year or so; whenever I get time between being a full-time mother!

4. Food... I love to cook and eat Thai food. My favourite Thai dishes to make are a green or red curry, phad thai, mussaman curry and thom kha gai soup. I'd like to learn some Indian or Vietnamese dishes next.

5. Exercise... I'm not a sporty person but I do enjoy relaxing things like yoga and pilates and I also love volleyball.

6. Art... I was over the moon to see an exhibition of Chagall paintings while we were in Rome in 2007. My husband and I missed out on visiting the colloseum so we could visit this exhibition of my favourite artist!

7. Travel... I'd love to do more of it!
If you have read this, consider yourself tagged!!


gina said...

Nice to get to know you. I have 4 girls and I hope they all keep the "sister" love going even when they are adults. I got tagged too by Kate but no one ever commented oh well. I enjoyed reading about you and I wish I could speak Italian too!

kate said...

thanks for doing your challenge it is good to get to know you better,
your sound like you have a very intersting life. i too love chagal..and all impressinist art.
thanks again