Friday, October 17, 2008


I completely enjoy being a mother. I am rewarded every day with Ethan's smiles and laughter! He has lots of energy and curiosity and is so friendly with everyone, even with strangers. I think there is a little of my beloved Nan in him. She used to chat with anyone she met, just like Ethan does now in his own baby talk. Nan passed away last year when I was pregnant with Ethan so she never got to meet him, not even as a bump.

I notified my work that I would not be returning. I have mixed feelings about that, but for the most part I am very happy. If I did go back to work I would feel such a pang everyday leaving Ethan in the care of someone else.

Our days are becoming very full. Monday is playgroup in the morning and my pilates class in the afternoon. Tuesday is mother's group in the afternoon. Wednesday morning we have Ethan's swimming class. Friday is storytime at the library. Add to that caring for Ethan, with breastfeeds, solid meals, naps, changing, play and all the chores. And of course other fun stuff like catching up with friends.


flossy-p said...

Ethan looks adorable. I'm sorry your nan never got to meet him, although it's really wonderful he has a little part of her with him anyway.

You sound like one busy fun mum!!!!

p.s. I Love his orange gym boot socks!

lino creative said...

Hi Anna!
Thanks so much for your kind words. The exhibtition was good fun and I hope to have many more! If I can find the time that is....I don't know how you do it with kids :) You must be so busy. Anyway I hope you are doing well, I will come back later and check out your blog a bit more and see some familiar faces I'm sure :)
Take Care,

zukzuk said...

What a little sweetie! Thanks for stopping by zukzuk and good luck!

Rebecca said...

He's absolutely gorgeous. I don't think anyone ever laid on their deathbed wishing they'd spent more time at work and less with family ;p I'm about to turn 32 on the 17th and would love to start a family soon - there's just that dilemma of affording to and not wanting to go back to work!! (Actually having a family is an excuse really cos I'd love to never go back to work - hehe!! - only if I found something I love to do day...). Enjoy your time with Ethan, lots of precious memories I'm sure :)

Jules Knoblock said...

Ethan is a little cutie. I think he looks wise, he looks so thoughtful in his photos! I have been checking him out with interest as I am interested to know what a one year old looks like so I can see how much my little girl will grow in the next 7 months! :)

And yeah your week sure does sound busy!

Good on you for making the decision to stay with Ethan rather than working. Sounds like that's the right way to go for you... and if you're in a financial position to do it then that's fantastic... :)