Monday, September 01, 2008

A weekend by the fire

On the weekend we broke the city limits and stayed at my husbands hometown with his Mum. We had an amazing and exhausting weekend with Steve's family. It was so good for Ethan to meet all the family on Steve's side, some for the first time. On the way home Ethan started baby talking more, it was like a switch had been triggered in his brain.

I went for a walk in the cool silver weather of Saturday morning and took photos of leaves, blossoms and seeds.


Honor Bowden said...

Hi Anna, thanks for popping by... you have a lovely blog here. :-)

scarlettcat said...

These images are really inspirational, Anna! I'm really starting to notice the details in different plants and I've found it's making a big difference to the way I work. Thanks for sharing your wintery images. xxx scarlett