Friday, September 26, 2008

Spring blossoms

On a walk with my sister and Ethan.


Rebecca said...

Just beautiful. Lovely pics. I am so glad Spring is arriving!

coloredsock said...

hi Anna! it's been awhile since I visited friends' blogs--it looks beautiful in your world! spring is there already, and we are just going into Fall here. thanks for your sweet congrats--our baby is due in 'our' spring. and you! ok, i think i first visited your blog this year after your son was born---so i didn't see...but since 'baby and pregnancy' are both words on my radar, i immediately noticed those categories on your blog and just read all the posts under pregnancy and family. oh man, Ethan is adorable. so handsome and sweet. thanks so much for all those posts. also, i saw a post of you and your husband in the blue mtns and it reminded me of a wonderful trip there with my dad some years ago. happy spring to you! xojenny

alice said...

Lovely blossom! :)