Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Swan Valley visit

My mum came to visit over the weekend to help entertain Ethan while we organised some things for the move. We went for lunch near Woodbridge House. The cafe has a great view of the river. Note: this is right next door to Guildford Grammar, where Heath Ledger went to school.

This is the back courtyard of a shop in Guildford named Kakatua Pottery. I have enjoyed visiting it over the years and looking at their lovely vintage keys, cast iron animal figurines and carved wooden things.


Rebecca said...

Oh lovely, I love it there too. I haven't been there for awhile and must pop down there while it's still wintery, thanks for the reminder :)

coloredsock said...

hi Anna, thanks for your comment about the chai book/map! it is due out next year. my kids book is already out. i LOVE the photo above! thank you--it brings back memories of a few weeks i spent in australia with my dad. i took a long train ride from sydney down south and was so entranced with the landscape. so mystical!