Saturday, January 05, 2008

Heart Decorations

I began making these felt decorations after Christmas, as Christmas snuck up on me again this year and I got inspired a little late. I made them with dark grey and red wool felt and silver seed beads. I sewed them using thick silver thread which I had left over from a previous project.

I have decided to do a little tree for Valentine's Day this year.

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Krissie said...

Hello Anna thanks for stopping by my blog too. Just love your hearts, I did a tree like that years ago and had it decorated with the tiny wooden red hearts..its was so cute! I just looked at the indiana tea house DD used to work there and it was so nice there by the ocean. As you can guess I am here in the West too, so its lovely to meet another westerner in blog land I am collecting all aussie ladies to make a specialbaussie bnlog link list on my blog. Cheers. Do you do voluntary simplcity? I once ran the campain buy nothing day over here.