Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Illustration Friday - the Zoo

Acrylic paint on watercolour paper.

This work was inspired by three photos of fairy penguins from a trip to Perth Zoo.


dianeclancy said...

Hi Ana,

I like this The Zoo picture quite a lot! The penguins look very happy and content and free.

I like the whimsical quality.

I will go check out your Etsy Shop - I am in Etsy too.

~ Diane Clancy

P.L. Frederick said...

Nice composition. The swimming penguin is a wonderful accent to the group scene.

P.L. Frederick
SMALL & big

Paper Pictures said...

Hi Ana,
I wanted to say thanks for your comment on my I.Friday picture- you are my first "comment" on my artwork so I especially appreciate it. (I don't usually show my images to others so this is a big step for me.)
I really like your artwork. I especially love your painting of the woman/nest. It's beautiful. and I love the farm landscapes too.

Best wishes on your pregnancy- I have a 3 year old son and it is great! I find I have less free time now, but more creative energy, so I use my time more productively.
Best, Vivian

Kstyles said...

I love penguins they're so cute the way they waddle about. Great job!

Elizabeth Metz said...

Wow, this is lovely! It's watercolor!?!? I'm impressed.